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Reply To: Using Writeupp, attachments, SMS bundles and Ts&Cs

Charlotte Hartwell

Hi Clare,

I felt the same way when I started. A few people I spoke to gave me some help with writeupp and how to get the most out of it… I love it and use it to do pretty much everything you’ve described!

Emails – I do exactly as you said, save the thread as a PDF and add it as an attachment to the child its regarding and label it with the date so I’ve got an order.

SMS Bundles – you need them if you want the double security bit of when you send a document using writeupp it’ll send a SMS to the person’s phone for them to input after they’ve clicked an email the system sends. I find it really useful and purchase 50 at a time. This will be required for smart forms which and if you send out reports etc. via the direct message function.

T&C’s – I have them electronically using a form and then ask the parents to consent (I think you do it through privacy rather than forms and then there is a consent box automatically added). I just copied and pasted my word document into the privacy form creator and just had to change a few font sizes so it wasn’t too much of a faff.

I also use the forms for a parent questionnaire which I use a smart form for – it is a little time consuming setting them up but it’s nice to have everything in one place.

Invoices – I also use the writeupp software for this as it will show you which appointments have been paid for and which haven’t. It also tells you if you haven’t invoiced for an appointment. I find it really useful to keep everything tracked and it all relates directly to the patient profile so I’m only storing information in one place. I also pay £7 a month for a starling business account which does all the tracking/business/tax bits for me which is well worth the money as its attached to my bank account.

I hope that helps!