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Reply To: Setting up as an IP

Patricia Ruth Howes

Hi, I am looking at setting up some new supervision groups in the months ahead. I was wondering about one specifically for colleagues working in special school settings for example. I guess there could be an online group for those new to practice across the UK to join together in group supervision. Of course SLTs work in very different areas of practice but with a solution focused approach on the wider aspects of practice (themes like ideas for the future, strengths, difficult therapy relationships, overextending, the guilt of charging time management…the core of clinical supervision etc etc). It is just an idea after reading the posts.

What is fantastic is there is lots of support out there and it is pulling it together into an individual network – informal support, local groups, clinical supervision, introductory courses.

If anyone reading this is interested in a group starting later this year then email me at arcsupervision@gmail.com (website is https://arcsupervision.com/. The ARC stands for appreciative reflective conversations which is my cornerstone approach)

Sometimes the groups I facilitate are no cost and sometimes there is a small contributary fee for attending. I just submitted my book to Speechmark last week on Reflective Clinical Supervision : strengthening supervision skills (quite an experience writing a book and I could say it is exciting but at the moment I’m just tired) and mention this only to show I have some knowledge and experience around clinical supervison – you would find out more about my background on the website. Anyway email me if it is an idea which is of interest and will consider setting something up.

Best Wishes for a lovely Bank Holiday,