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Reply To: Non verbal 2 year old

Lauren Garfield


Like Jo suggests, I think using AAC, e.g a core board would serve to reinforce vocalisations- not instead of. It would create a way of mapping meaning to words through reinforcing highly repetitive vocabulary. This is never as a ‘replacement’ of speech but certainly can be used alongside as an adjunct and to create spontaneous opportunities for developing language. 

This can always be used in combination with other interventions. I am also a big fan of the means, reasons and opportunities model. 

My approach is multi-modal and obviously without knowing a child it can be hard to advise- however, my understanding is that facilitating language with communication boards provides another means to map meaning. Leaving pauses and shared labelling is also beneficial for interaction and enjoyment during an activity.

If this child likes singing and copying, you could also create some anticipation games with a specific sound. So sound play through anticipation games. 

Hope that’s helpful!