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Reply To: WriteUpp confidentiality breach

Samantha Loomba

Hi Pam

Sorry to hear this happened to you.

I think there is a problem with writeupp at the moment, and I have noticed it this last week, but only just saw your message (I have been using writeupp for a few years now). When 2 tabs are open on 2 different clients or EVEN  when one tab was previously on a different client and has been closed, a couple of items have been saved on that previous client. Luckily in my case these were anonymous items, and I have been able to delete straight away.  I personally don’t share writeupp with anyone else or email straight out from my account, but it is a potentially dangerous situation if you do, and I will be reporting this to writeupp, as something is not right! I just wanted to warn people too.

All the best and thanks for bringing this up as always good to learn.