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Reply To: Cyber liability Insurance

Gillian Hazell

I did this because a LA insisted on it before I could work with a client.  It was useful as a scan email was sent from my work email address 6 months later.  It was a Microsoft 365 issue as someone had hacked my Microsoft password (which wasn’t easy to do apparently).  I use a Mac and find it great for security, but the weak link (as expected) was Microsoft!

The insurance company instructed a 3rd party organisation to investigate and together with our techie support people found nothing wrong.  It took hours notifying everyone in my address book!!!  Let’s just say it cost a lot of money to sort out (the excess on the policy is £1,000, and I think the total cost was about £5,000 paid by the insurance company), but they also helped with notifying the Office of the Information Commissioner and in fact wrote the letter which was sent to them.  No further action was taken.   It basically took all the stress out of the situation as I’d never been scammed before and was well worth the annual premium which was I think about £350.  We renewed it this year!!

We also use two factor authentication and 1Password which is great.  It is an annual subscription (about $71 pa and can be shared by family members – up to 5 I think) and was recommended by our techie people  who work with a number of big organisations who use it.

Hope this helps….. and good luck…..