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Reply To: Advice on Accounting Packages

Alison Batten

I am a sole trader too. I use writeupp for all invoicing. but it doesn’t quite do everything accounting-wise needed for my business finances (e.g. doesn’t let me photograph and upload receipts of expenses). I tried Xero for a month (as that is the accounting software you can link in with writeupp directly) but I found it a complete nightmare to use, not user friendly, and rather complicated. So now I use quickbooks which is much more user friendly, and is super helpful for end of year accounts (and keeping a track of taxes owed month by month so it doesn’t come as a shock at the end of the year). (p.s. I also use freeagent, but only for running payrol for my staff, it can do the accounting too, but again, I tried using it for accounts and found it too complicated. So even though it’s a bit of a pain using 3 different pieces of software, I have found it the best solution)