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Reply To: Writeupp V’s My therapy Tracker

Karen Gregg

I use My Therapy Tracker and have found I’m able to do pretty much everything I want on there.  I really like their client view function which basically means that parents can see whatever notes I want to write/cut and paste in there about any sessions that take place in school which stops me from having to email parents to feedback from sessions every time.

I have also found them very approachable when I have had questions as many of those who work there are also practicing therapists so completely understand where you are coming from.  They have been really supportive of me growing my business and recently enabled me to add an extra admin user to my account at no extra cost as I was getting someone to scan documents into the notes for me on an ad hoc basis.  

They are very open to any ideas you have to make things better/easier and I have seen them put into practice many improvements over the couple of years that I’ve used them.  Would definitely recommend.