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Reply To: EHCP SLT report

Gillian Bolton

I would be very grateful for advice now that the parents have received a letter regarding this ‘new third option’ which has been presented in place of the ‘yes/no’ they were expecting re if their child would have an EHCP Ax. The positive wording ‘I am pleased to inform you that X does not require an EHCP at this time’ (perhaps that is standard) and the rest of the letter makes it sound like a positive option but knowing the system, the pressure it is under, the lack of funding I remain sceptical and would like advice on a) is it legal (within the COP) for this LA to come up with this alternative in response to a request for an EHCP b) do the benefits they describe actually make sense c) what are the risks (the obvious concern being that a full Ax of need and therefore specific recommendations hasn’t been done – although everyone working with him knows what they would be) and d) should parents appeal? I have attached a cropped copy of the main body of the letter which only contains the child’s first name.

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