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Reply To: School requesting references prior to a visit

Lida Willingale

Hi Gail,

This has happened to me-it turns out that it’s an HR platform that requires this level of information for safeguarding purposes. They do it with their peripatetic staff (music teachers) who are not directly employed by them, but they are required to obtain this information. The issue arises when they have to repeat the process of a period of 3 months lapses between visits…ie they have to re request references, qualifications etc!! Like your I explained that I could only be HCPC registered with appropriate qualifications and did not provide a CV/ referees. But I have argued that in many schools I have gaps of 3+ months or more, so this isn’t feasible to maintain. It’s also a paperwork process that becomes unmanageable if we are visiting multiple settings-our poor referees will be inundated and all we will ever be doing is replicating paperwork to tick the boxes!!  I feel that it’s an issue at a higher level…but Im not sure who to raise it with?