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Reply To: Advice needed.

Caroline Hughes

Thank you all for your responses. 
I’m in the early stages of seeing this client. I’ve already put in place an ‘all about me’ book and trying to get some physio for her as she currently has nothing. Her accident was about 30 months ago and she was only discharged from hospital because of covid and the first lockdown. 
I believe she’s very aware of her disabilities and determined to regain what she had. She had a strong friendship group, attended the local college and was due to go to uni when she had her accident. I’m aware she’s struggling to keep up with her friends as they as progressing with their lives and she’s being left behind as they now are finishing their degrees. 
I know there is a lot to be done to help her and I need to organise my thoughts about what to prioritise. 
I would really appreciate a chat with you all and will get in touch in the morning. Any advice will be gratefully received!