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Reply To: Advice needed.

Arabella Bingham

Hello Carrie 
So many ways of stimulating and assisting this young woman..
Thinking about the fuller cognitive picture and ways to address the gap mentioned between her comprehension and expression my thoughts are as follows:
Turning the situation on its head. Ultimately,  it sounds like access to a full supportive assessment by an AAC specialist centre could in fact be initiated for expert funding, guidance and provision, from which point any joint expertise will be invaluable. There is a host of potential tools to consider – An individualised PODD Book, A personalised Communication Diary / ScrapBook with photographs, an ‘All About Me’ Book, other visual support systems / aids vital for memory loss – all vital for this woman’s short and longer term independence. I am rather at a loss though with the mention of the family and the client ref the use of AAC.. Are there bereavement / loss / denial / acceptance / adjustment issues of all kinds to address here? At the very least, my mind is buzzing with questions. Really happy to discuss / explore the case inc with others with relevant specialisms here as it sounds very interesting (and deeply tragic), but surely visual support systems are going to be as essential as emotional nourishment / exploration working with the family holistically My instincts are telling me it sounds like a huge amount of ground work needs to happen. 
Which other professionals are currently involved? When did the accident happen and how frustrated is the young woman herself? How would you rate her own awareness and insights? 
I would want to gently explore her willingness to please others and her sense of self. 
It could be that her sense of attachment to the family is paramount to her at this time of heightened derailing.. which means she has possibly naturally regressed towards a higher dependency on them. Much to talk about at this juncture. 
A clinical psychologist’s take on all of this would be my first port of call too – again, building a team around this young woman whose vulnerability is exposed and extremely raw. 
Just a few initial thoughts and considerations. 
All best wishes with this clearly highly complex case. 
Arabella Bingham