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Reply To: EHCP SLT report

Gillian Bolton

Hi ,

Thanks for your replies.

I have just had a call from the child’s father. He had tel call with someone from SENDIASS who was trying her best to explain what is happening but wasn’t clear re this new process- she didn’t seem to fully know what is involved as it is a new thing. The specialist teacher who has been providing advice to the EY setting had put in the application for an EHCP and indicated to parents that she thought it would be v likely he would get one. The outcome of the mtg this week should have been a ‘yes/no’ but according to SENDIASS the council have created a third option so he is one of a number of children who are going to be allocated funding (level 5 or 6) but without an EHCP for this coming school year and then they can reapply for an EHCP next year if they want to. Parents are not happy about this, understandably, and are waiting for confirmation in writing which apparently is in the post, then they are going to seek legal advice through IPSEA, SOSSEN and then express their concerns to the LA and ask for an EHCP to be done. It sounds as though this third option is the result of unprecedented demand for EHCP Axs this year. Is this legal , given the CofP hasn’t chnaged since 2015 or is a reasonable response from a LA to cope with demand?

Thank you.