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Reply To: EHCP SLT report

Gillian Bolton

Hi, thank you for your replies. I emailed the parents along the lines you suggested to try and work out where they are at and why a SLT EHCP report (from NHS or me) hasn’t been requested and they have replied with the following – grateful for any insight please. I don’t have any others in process at the moment so although I know there are funding issues and SEN issues ongoing and worsened by covid pandemic I am not aware of this scenario the parents are describing:

“Thanks for your email. It makes a lot of sense.

The panel met yesterday and have informed us of a ‘new approach’ that they’re describing as a ‘pathway’. In short A is one of a number of children on this pathway who will receive ring fenced funding that would’ve been in place with an EHCP but just for the reception year of school. We will then need to apply for an EHCP this time next year for year 1. Does that make sense? Have you heard of anything like this before?

We’re a little bit concerned by it but we’ll await the letter and engage with Debs to figure out how we ensure this funding is used specifically for A’s needs. They’ve said to us that A’s support plan will continue in the school setting with the EHCP type funding to support it.

I can’t tell if the council don’t have the time to go through the proper process, if they’re kicking the can down the road or if this might be a better approach to for them to understand the child’s needs in the school setting before setting it out in a legal document. I think the number of applications they’ve had this year far exceed what they expected and may explain it.

Thanks for your support.