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Reply To: EHCP SLT report

Sarah Barnett

Hi Gillian, I agree with fully Ruth. I’m assuming your clinical report will not have quantified and specified the provision needed in EHCP detail and so frankly yes it will affect provision at school. LA’s are short on money. So in my jaded experience unless there’s an SLT report spelling out and itemising exactly what’s needed – both direct and indirect – then it’ll be watered down to the empty being delivered by everyone throughout the curriculum on a daily basis… The parents may not understand the process and may still be coming to terms with the diagnostic outcome. They probably need to commission you with writing an EHCP version of your report. It’s not necessarily about the format of your report per se, but more about the itemised detailed clarity of what Provision is needed from whom to achieve the short and long term Outcomes, and tying it all in with the Needs. As Ruth says they’re lucky to have you.
Good luck with it. Best wishes, Sarah