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Reply To: school age language advice please!


Many NHS areas deliver school based NHS services for 5 years and have a top up system where school can pay a bit extra to get more capacity than their allocation. I think it is important that we try to understand local NHS services before damning them from something a schools says which may not be the whole story. Many therapists in ASLTIP work both independently and for NHS so I do think posts should take care when castigating NHS services. I work in both and am a manager in the NHS – post covid  NHS services are seeing 25% increase in referrals whilst also dealing with covid backlogs: it’s tough. (Sorry for getting in a bandwagon but NHS is sooo under resourced they are never going to match what we do for kids privately) 
Re this child colourful semantics looks a good option to get word order accuracy as well as trying to identify grammatical themes that need work in eg pronouns , prepositions etc. On Shape coding training they tell you it should not be the first port of call as it is not a natural way to learn language so should be saved for those who don’t learn by other more usual methods. I do however sometimes pinch use of auxiliary diamond and single/ plural marker to emphasise use of missed auxiliaries and get plural pronouns and aux in routine therapy. Whilst teaching  SVO we usually go in with present tense but 5+ a lot of talking is really talking about things that have happened, story retell, retelling simple investigations so once they get going I also tend to teach simple past tense sentence starters  like I went… I saw… I got etc so they can start using really functional language.