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Reply To: Looking for a model of school commissioned work that works really well

Kathryn Murrell

I experience many challenges with school commissioned work but find that a really detailed contract is so important and it needs to cover every possible eventuality and gives a detailed account of what is needed in terms of parental consent, background information from parents, school commitment to communicate important information on the children etc.
I still find that schools often forget to keep me updated with crucial information such as telling me that a child has an EHCP, has a new ASD diagnosis or that they’ve left the school! I find that I have to ask questions all the time of the class teachers and SENCOs as they often don’t seem to realise how important it is to pass on information. 
On a more positive note schools really value and appreciate my assessments and quick turn around of reports (I try to write reports on the same day) and I always reply to emails straight away, if possible. I feel that they are more likely to be flexible in terms of days and times I’m in because I go the extra mile for them in other ways.