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Reply To: Enquiries coming through…but feeling not yet ready?

Jan Baerselman

I would agree with everything Rachel says. 

A famous business woman (I forget who) said “start before you’re ready”. I’ve used this mantra many times when I’ve been teetering on the edge of readiness for something new & big.

Well before I was ready, I was having coffee with some other parents while our kids all had a swimming lesson. I mentioned I was an SLT planning to go independent & one Mum got really excited & dragged me over to another Mum, announcing “I’ve found a SLT for your son!” I spluttered that I wasn’t quite ready, didn’t have any policies etc but Mum was persistent and tbh it was the shove I needed to put everything in place.

Good supervision & peer support is absolutely key. That’s one of the few things I wish I’d had in place before starting. 

Good luck.