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Reply To: Charging for non attendance & cancellations

Gillian Bolton

Thank you that is really helpful. Reassuring too.

With hindsight I wish I had stated in my T&Cs that there would be some charge for late cancelations – currently it says ‘before 9am no fee’ but of course it does mean a lost session, too late to book anyone else in that space. Most cancelations are parents contacting me early morning before 9am to say pre-schl child has been ill in the night so I haven’t felt comfortable charging anything as this seems unavoidable for them even though it loses me income. Even if they did contact the evening before to say they thought the child wasn’t well i still wouldn’t get anyone else in at that short notice . I do think a part payment in those circumstances would be a nod towards the lost income, the time spent planning and the admin of rescheduling. Is it okay to send out an amendment to T&Cs to existing clients if you decide to change them – I guess so, other businesses , banks etc often include a ‘we’ve changed our T&Cs’ doc which no one reads! I could put the new clause in one of my monthly newsletters which means they are likely to see it, or in the email with their next invoice – to make sure they see it and are aware they will be charged in future.