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Reply To: Charging for non attendance & cancellations

Emma Rhodes

Hi Gillian,

I charge full fee for non-attendance and for short notice cancellations (effectively same day). This is to take into account the prep time and admin involved with follow ups.

For cancellation within 24 hrs I charge half the fee. For cancellation with 24 hrs notice or longer it’s no fee.

I’ve not charged up front but have considered it for one off assessments and reviews. It’s just so time consuming and stressful chasing the reluctant payers, though thankfully I’ve only had one problematic case in that regard.

It sounds like that client is a tricky customer if they’re puttig oressure on you to reduce the cost! I think it is a slippery slope if you start going down the flexible payment route. I tend to remind parents of the fee before agreeing dates. For those who cannot afford the fee, we arrange alternative options like spreading out the sessions, doing alternate face to face and zoom sessions (to reduce travel costs) and on occasion a specially agreed rate.

Best of luck with it all,