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Reply To: fees for consultancy advice

Jan Baerselman

Hi Rachel

For smaller pieces of work like this I would charge the same as I charge for hourly supervision.

For bigger projects I charge a slightly lower day rate for a 7.5 hour day. So currently I’m charging a day a week for the academic year to project manage a piece of work. 

The key is that I charge what I want to earn & what I feel I’m worth. For pieces of work that are hard or high risk or involve little team work, I charge higher rates, because they’re not such fun/less rewarding. For working with a wonderful team in an area I’m keen to get more experience – I might charge a lower rate.

If I’m super busy but could just about squeeze something in if I work weekends, and someone is desperate, I might quote a very high rate, as it’s effectively overtime, but that offsets against the fun stuff. 

And that’s the joy of being self employed!

Earlier in my self-employment journey I went with gut feel. What would feel like too little for you? And what would feel like you are getting a pretty good deal? Go for the top rate and be prepared to be negotiated down (can you tell I live with someone who works in sales & marketing?!)

Finally there’s allowing for that ‘resentment factor’… when things go wrong and you have to puts lots of unpaid time into sorting them out. If you  undercharge then putting in this time can result in feelings of resentment.