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Reply To: Switching to WriteUpp from paper records

Gillian Bolton

Hi Jemma,

I spent yesterday trying to move forward with utilising more of the functions on W/upp – I’ve been using it for record keeping, including note writing and saving all files (reports/mins of mtgs from third parties etc) to client record, but have not yet used any of the following and would like to know, esp from other sole traders who work from home with a fairly small caseload , do you find it time saving to use:

The diary function with automated appointment communication

Email communication with clients from W/upp rather than via your inbox (I currently use my inbox and past into a ‘note’ within the record. If I am checking what I have sent to clients I find it handy to go to sent items (in my emails, not W/Upp) and ‘to’ and then easily see all the emails and attachments i have sent to that client. I also send handouts (word and pdf docs) and I’m not that is an option when sending emails in w/upp.

Video consultation – switching from Zoom and integrating it with the option to schedule them straight into W/upp diary. Is their video platform just as good and does this save enough time to justify the extra cost (considering Zoom is free?)

I have just been searching WriteUpp topics to see if my Qs have been covered and found your thread Jemma. I will add my answers to your Qs and hope someone can answer mine too from their experience…

Re your first Q – yes that is what I do – any email threads that happen between clients (or third parties) via my inbox I copy and paste into a ‘note’ and then delete them from my inbox. I find this helpful because when I am reading the client’s notes on ‘List ‘ view the relevant emails are chronologically placed within the record which is helpful reminder of what has happened and what has been communicated.

Your 2nd Q -= also daunted by the idea of scanning old notes in, I have kept chunky paper notes and noted in them that future records are within W/upp for that client.

I am wondering whether to switch to W/upps video consultation platform (from Zoom) now they have integrated a screen share function. has anyone done this and been pleased with it? I am trying to make the switch to using the W/upp diary and have the same issue as Jemma has described – if I want to send email communications about apmts from the diary function I wouldn’t be able to edit them to add a Zoom link.

My other Q re emails to clients is that after an apmt with a client I typically send an email which has a summary/advice/agreed plans for their child , also the Zoom link for their next apmt, and often attach some handouts(word docs and pdfs from my files). If I use the diary function does this mean sending one apmt from the diary with the apmt info (or disabling it by using the mute function, but then what is the advantage to me of using the diary?) and a second email with the advice and handouts? Any solutions/recommendations will be appreciated!

Re reports Jemma – I am sure you resolved this last year – but yes I save any Word files to pdf before uploading to W/Upp otherwise formatting and text sometimes scrambles and displays strangely. I delete the original from my computer. I save anonymised word templates for reports so that I can re-use bits that tend to be repetitive like headings and intros, and some of the advice.

Bit of both for your last Q – I would like to create more smart form versions of my observation templates.

I love the fact they have now integrated ‘forms’ so I have just created an email communication for an IAx which contains the links for the 3 forms (GDPR, referral form, T&Cs) – so new clients will now get one email with everything in rather than one email from my inbox and 3 smart forms from W/upp – so that is progress!