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Reply To: Day rate for schools

Rachel Barton

Hi Jess,
What would be the equivalent amount of appointments you might do in a day? For example if you would normally see 4 separate appointments in a day this might be equivalent to what you could expect to charge for a days’ work in one place. This tends to be how I work but I also have a non-contact charge I add on to cover the admin that might happen outside of that one day that I am in the school. I would factor report writing into the school day but it’s the emails that might happen at other times in the week, the packing and unpacking, the uploading assessments to my electronic notes etc. For example I work in one school for 10 days per term and they have an option to either pay me 10 days and I go into school for 9 of them or I go in for the full 10 days and then they pay me an extra day per term for non-contact. I think it’s a case of trying to balance the convenience and stability of having a regular contract with making sure you don’t end up earning significantly less than if you had been booking in separate clients.
I hope that helps,