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Reply To: Dysphagia in independent practice

Anais Nassar

Hi Jessica,
Based on my personal experience this is what I can say. I was very privileged to have my costly training paid for by NHS with the famous Jeri Logeman . It was a one week unforgettable intensive course with around 200 delegates. After that, I practised for nearly 15 years within a very structured system and support from my manager/colleagues and got qualified to work in ITU. Never fancied doing videofluoroscopy work

When I went into IP, it was all right at first but began to miss the ongoing support for providing the same standard of service. Treating patients after discharge from hospital was very time consuming as I got calls at odd times for advice. In one private hospital , I was on my own with no one else to turn to which was very daunting because nurses, doctors, family relied on me for this life threatening condition. I had an outside supervisor but she was not on site when I needed someone to consult with specially around a complex case .
My CPD courses were mostly on dysphagia and had no time (sometimes the money) to focus on adult aphasia , brain injury, progressive illnesses which I also did. In one private hospital, there was a saturday and sunday provision of service for dysphagia . As the list of expectations got longer, and after conferring with my supervisor and experienced colleagues , I gave up dysphagia altogether and I’m glad I did.
When I came to tidy up the resources I had accumulared over the years , I could not believe the amount I had spent on books , courses, materials……etc. Something I took for granted when I worked in NHS.

So sorry to paint such a discouraging picture specially when you said you are keen to obtain such a training. But this was my experience. Curious to hear what others have to say.

Best wishes,
Anais Nassar