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Reply To: Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy suspended

Hannah Worrall

Hi, I would like to ask if RCSLT & ASLTiP intend to state that they don’t believe mandatory vaccinations are the right way forward for our profession, where we already are a shortage profession and that we believe in medical and bodily autonomy for all. 
I understand that although this policy has been suspended, the emphasis has been placed on professional bodies to think about this as professional duty – this concerns me greatly. I do believe that vaccinations are a good thing but I believe in freedom of choice especially around any medical interventions. I also feel that this would be a damaging move in terms of recruitment and retention in an already Shortage  profession. I would like to see RCSLT to be clear that they will not dictate vaccination as a condition of membership or professional duty, and also this will not be expected of students and new graduates entering our profession.