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Reply To: ID badge

Samantha Amos

I think we have two key safeguarding concerns for schools here: the first is that we can prove that we are who we say we are and the second is that we are identifiable as a a visitor with authorisation to be on the premises. I think some school admin staff confuse the two a bit, which can lead to the issues described.

For identification, I have a hand out with my picture on and with HCPC, ASLTIP, RCSLT, ICO and DBS information, including membership numbers, expiry dates and how/where to look me up. I send this information to schools’ admin and SENCO/INCOs a few days before a first visit with a note that they are welcome to ask to see my photo ID when I arrive at school. When I turn up in person, I always have my driving licence and a few extra hard copies of the ID info handout too, just in case. This has always been enough to reassure schools that I am who I say I am.

Regarding being allowed to be on premises, I prefer to wear the school visitors’ badge because it is easily recognisable to staff and pupils and shows that I have signed in at the school office (meaning that someone has checked my identity). Some schools are not providing visitors badges at the moment as part of their infection control practices, but they have all been happy for me to wear my ASLTIP card, even without a photo, as a badge (presumably because they have seen my other credentials).

In my book, a badge is not always, and doesn’t necessarily have to be, the same thing as identification.