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Reply To: Limited progress – speech disorder – HELP!!

Sophie Humphries

Thank you to each and every one of you for your replies. I really am very grateful to you all taking the time and so many wonderful ideas. I feel the next time I see him I’ll be seeing him with some renewed energy and ideas thanks to all of you. He is the most entrenched backer I have ever worked with and even when we try e.g. dentalised /t/ he gets the placement right but still makes a ‘k’!! I wonder if the ingressive airstream will help with that…I will definitely try it.

Some other things I will definitely be trying:
– double checking for no tongue tie
– introducing a new novel sound (and completely forgetting about calling it ‘t’) I do think he needs a break from this.
– happy to give the ‘tutting’ a go!
– love the video idea Gayle that he can watch at home. Like you say lots of input will certainly be beneficial and will reduce the pressure on him actually doing anything!
– lots of him watching me with no pressure to do anything!

Wish me luck! Thanks everyone 🙂