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Reply To: Auditory processing disorder

Cathy Shilling

Dear Lisa
Johansen IAS has been used for over 40 years and continues to grow each year.
Most recently there was a large study in Finland of 4-6 year olds with Auditory processing difficulties who listened to uncustomised JIAS recordings and in comparison with two control groups (1 no intervention, 1 pure SLT) made significant progress with phonological awareness and working memory
A similar smaller research study with 8-17year old dyslexic pupils with underlying auditory processing difficulties showed similar results in phonological awareness and memory.
I am honest and will say it cannot guarantee results for all but with 16 years experience of using the programme with clients  with APD,  I see marked change in Auditory processing particularly on dichotic tests following JIAS – this is often my starting point for assessment and one of my post programme measures of progress
There’s been some pioneering work in Poland with children with cochlear implants who receive a combination of JIAS and bilateral integration
Recently a young boy I worked with, with bilateral cochlear implants was unable to access regular SLT with me due to Covid. We planned a JIAS programme with his teacher and parents
After 8 weeks the change in his phonological development, vocabulary and expressive language was incredible- he was 5;06 and had had his implants on for over two years 
I’m aware of the many sceptics but also the current evidence base alongside the MANY case studies is phenomenal