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Reply To: Limited progress – speech disorder – HELP!!


Hi Sophie
He’s lucky to have had your support all this time. You have clearly tried really hard with him
Extra Suggestions:
* Try tutting with an ingressive airstream to get a t. Pretend to be a stern teacher tutting to tell a child off. Role play this and then swap roles and you be the naughty child (throwing paper aeroplanes etc) and he has to tut (by sucking in and waggling his finger) to ‘tell you off’ …. tut, tut, tut (as a sound not the word)
* Try pretending to drill through tarmac, going d,d,d,d,d,d
* Try putting jam/marmite/choc spread (whatever he likes) on the tip of his tongue and the alveolar ridge (where he should connect his articulators to make t and d) and see if that helps. Do it on yourself too and see who can make the loudest sound when you put the 2 jam areas (or whatever sauce you use) together
* Minimal pair bingo (tar vs car etc)
Good luck. Anne.