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Reply To: NHS SLT service lead comments to a parent

Lorna Bailey

So sorry to hear of this Michelle, though unfortunately I do think these views are still more widespread than we realise.

I had something similar happen a few years ago when an NHS SLT made unsubstantiated negative comments about my clinical practice  to a parent. I made a formal complaint to the head of the SLT service and said I would take it to RCSLT if it wasn’t dealt with appropriately. She was very understanding and agreed that it was totally unacceptable. The therapist had to make a written retraction of her comments to me and to the parent – though who knows whether it changed her view or not….

Unfortunately I think the suspicion of the independent sector within the NHS is still quite strong. And this does still feed into the universities too. I currently have a  student with me from UEA and she has been amazed to discover the world of independent work. She says the overwhelming view amongst her peers, which she believes has come from the course staff, is that NQTs can not work in the independent sector because they can’t get their competencies signed off. This is despite the placement coordinator at UEA also having her own independent practice. 

Great to hear the work of the CEN and really hope this helps to improve things.