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Reply To: NHS SLT service lead comments to a parent

Jennifer Bishop

Michelle – there are many examples of public and private sector SLTs working together effectively but unfortunately there are also widespread problems which need addressing. We really need to hold on to those positive experiences and think about what has worked but sometimes, attitudes are very entrenched. In terms of contacting RCSLT, I would suggest the policy team, although Jan may have a better suggestion given that she has worked closely with RCSLT for a much longer time than I have. The committee is actually meeting with RCSLT and ASLTIP on Friday, so I could get back to you after that with firmer advice about who to speak to if you like. And of course your experience will be shared anonymously. Thank you for consenting.

Jan – that’s an incredible piece of work and, as discussed before, we hope to have you speak about it at one of our events.

Very best wishes to you both,