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Reply To: NHS SLT service lead comments to a parent

Jan Baerselman

Hi Michelle

I have a good working relationship with one of the senior NHS SLT service managers (I think the professional manager) in the area, who, I imagine, would want to know about this.

I have made some efforts to encourage the NHS service to gather service-user feedback & outcome measures.

I gathered data and presented 10 case studies about where the NHS service hasn’t worked for my clients and I have explained some of the issues arising to a senior manager about 3 years ago. I think the biggest take-away point for the manager was surprise that so many people had complained to me. As no data is gathered on client satisfaction (at last at that point) this appeared to be new information for them.

I haven’t done anything over the past few years. If you’d like a chat – drop me a line jan@talkingoutcomes.co.uk

I haven’t heard whether any changes have been made but I’m guessing that Covid has made a difficult situation for them even harder so gathering user views might have slipped down the priority list.