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Reply To: NHS SLT service lead comments to a parent

Jennifer Bishop

Hi Michelle,

I’m not surprised you’re angry and upset – what has been said is totally unacceptable, deeply hurtful and, as you say, very damaging for the profession as a whole. Clearly, this behaviour is in breach of professional guidelines – I’ve attached the recent joint statement from RCSLT and ASLTIP as it pulls all of them together neatly.

It’s this sort of thing that inspired the creation of the SLTs on the Same Team CEN and we hope to help stamp it out completely in the longer term. When the CEN committee first met with RCSLT and ASLTIP leadership, Kamini Gadhok was very clear that RCSLT wants to know about incidents such as this and that RCSLT will intervene where required. With your consent, we would like to take this example (anonymously) to our next meeting with RCSLT and ASLTIP. I would also encourage you to contact RCSLT direct to discuss the matter further.

If there is any way that we can support you with this then please drop us a line at sltsonthesameteam@gmail.com

Very best wishes,

Jenni Bishop
Membership Secretary and Treasurer
SLTs on the Same Team CEN Committee

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