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Reply To: Placement educator as a self-employed therapist


Hi Emma,
I took a student during the first lockdown and we managed to complete her placement entirely online using teletherapy. She was able to support the groups I run and to see some clients for extra sessions that they would not have normally had, and that I did not charge for. Meeting up via Zoom enabled us to work flexibly and fit in feedback sessions at a time that suited us both rather than squeezing it in after a clinic. I now do that with students I have in my NHS work and whom I see for real! It takes the pressure off the day 🙂 She also prepared some therapy worksheets for me and wrote up notes etc.
I wrote this up with the student and her University tutor and it was published in Bulletin Dec 2020 (there might be a bit more info in the article). So I would say that even if he/she is with you for face-to-face sessions, using the online platform can help you both manage time, space and resources. Hope that’s of some help. Tracy