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Reply To: Training / Qualifications for Assistants?

Patricia Ruth Howes

It’s a complicated landscape with little ‘formal’ available for Assistant Practitioners. An RCSLT project has just closed to national consultation on this very matter. There will be a Competency Framework, guidance document and Toolkit in the next 3 to 4 months. I’m the Lead Author on this RCSLT Project with 19 other Co-Authors and this has taken over my life for the last year … so thought I’d better reply!

If you would like to know more please message me directly as I can give you some insight into what the Competency Frameworks will look like – there will be 2, a Foundation and a Clinical (SLT specific) framework. Whether this will meet the very specialist and specific learning needs, I don’t know.

Emma mentions training in Ireland above. There is a lot from Scotland – their 3 pillars of learning and infor for Assistants which is impressive.

Sadly there is no ‘go to’ place for SLTA/Assistant Traning. There is a course in Sheffiled Uni which people spoke highly of at a recent meeting and various Level 3 courses which ‘sort of fit’. We (the project group) tried to compile a list of useful courses , but the accreditation and recommendation makes this tricky for RCSLT.

Actually, if there is anyone out there who is an Assistant Pracititoner and has attended ‘good training’ and is prepared to write a paragraph on this (or 2 or 3 lines) and send it to me, we are allowed to put this on the RCSLT Assistant pages (in development over next 2 months) as it is reflective writing and experience and not a recommendation. So, complicated sometimes …

I’m also happy to compile a list and share it with anyone in the future. On a good day I sometimes wonder about setting up an Assistants Academy when this project has competed.

With Best Wishes,