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Reply To: Sensory seeking – emptying toy boxes – ideas for replacement activity please

Gillian Bolton


Thanks Alexander, yes definitely, they are using VERVE approach with him (which is similar to Intensive Interaction) and joining in with the emptying/exploration/pouring. It has also proved a good motivator for opportunities for PECS exchanges as he will happily request small items – such as blocks or number logs – so that he can fill a basket with them and then tip them all out. I think they are just, at times, finding it hard to manage when he is not having one to one and he repeatedly empties the toy boxes out on the floor. If they had some higher shelving they could put his favourites out of reach and he would use his PECS spontaneously to ask for them and then they could respond to that request and sit with him to facilitate the play. I have also suggested trying some containers/trays to pour things onto which might add a nice sensory element – if it creates a good sound – whilst being easier to clear up after as well. But, as is common in nurseries (unless they are set up as PECS classrooms in specialist bases) everything is at floor level so children can self resource.