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Reply To: Charges for assessments


Hi Jess,
I personally struggled with this for months, but I got a business mentor at the Prince’s Trust to help me to work out assessment charges. You don’t want to undersell your services and need to price according to how many hours you spend on the assessment. You can either charge your usual hourly rate or work ar a slightly cheaper rate if you’re sure the clients will continue onto therapy.
I personally charge £140 for my cheapest assessment as it takes me approx 3 hours in total. But my assessments get more expensive depending on what service is required e.g. a more detailed report, a school visit etc. Again I work this out using a the cheapest hourly rate that I’m willing to work for, and the number of hours that it will take me/other costs.

Initial assessments usually consist of:

Case history
Assessment with child
Summary report – no longer than 2 pages.

I hope this helps.