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Reply To: Working with toddlers

Rachel Barton

Hi Jess,
I was an early years specialist in the NHS and have continued to love working with this age range in independent practice. It’s a really rewarding area to work in. One my tips is to get an in depth case history before your first appointment with the family (I send out a questionnaire for this and it tells me way more that I would have picked up if I took the history at the first visit). I also ask families, if they are happy to, to send me some videos of their child playing / interacting with them before the first appointment.

If you’re looking for courses, Keena Cummin’s VERVE course is great for getting a greater understanding about working with parents to support their child. Dr Sean Pert’s speech course with Course Beetle is a great one for looking at assessing and supporting speech. If you’re working with children who may be autistic Emily Lee’s website is a great starting point to consider a neurodiversity affirming perspective: http://www.autisticslt.com.

If you’re looking for supervision I have a couple of supervision spaces coming up over the next couple of months so feel free to get in touch (I’m happy to do ad hoc or regular sessions – links to info below).

I hope that helps!


Rachel Barton