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Reply To: Videofluoroscopy question


Hi Phoebe the bottom line is the best exercise for swallowing is swallowing. If you and the patient are keen to get moving on but fearful , but they are taking small sips I would absolutely consider doing a VF. As I have said aspiration or a fear of aspiration is not a good reason to refuse a VF. The whole point of a VF is that it is the safest environment to swallow as you can see exactly what is going on. In my clinic it is unusual for a patient NOT to aspirate. In an ideal world I guess I would want the patient to be able to take at least 3 swallows under xray. If they need “warming up swallows” as it were, they can be done in the room, but not screening, just using what ever you have been trialling with and then hopefully you would get their “best ” swallows on xray. Sooner or later some one has to be brave in taking that first step towards oral intake. I don’t believe VF should be that first step, but it can certainly be an early step. bw Morwenna