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Reply To: What do you do about travel time?

Laura Newman

Dear All, I have been following this with great interest and decided to make some changes…in the upward direction! I had a chance to apply it today when speaking with a prospective client. They live 1 hour and 10 minutes away and wanted weekly input. I would have charged £60 for the 2.5 hours in the past and spent half a day on one client visit. However, I explained that I charge my hourly rate for travel and she was totally understanding and agreed to try to find a more local SALT. 

An hourly rate for travel that is the same for sessions, finally makes sense to me. It makes invoicing simple, and it means that when I’m working I’m earning. As Jan points out, on the NHS our travel time is part of the job. However, I also appreciate that it depends on whether you prefer to visit clients and what options you have to offer, as well as your client expectations.  

Our relationship with money is an interesting one, both as a profession and as individuals. As our living costs rise and our fees gradually increase,  I think it’s important to look for more efficient ways of working while maintaining the highest quality of service.