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Reply To: What do you do about travel time?

Jan Baerselman

We charge a £10 supplement for all local off site visits (within 10 miles) £20 for non-local (11-20 miles) and £50 for over 20 miles (which we don’t really want hence higher charge). Then there is no calculating to do. It’s simple to invoice & some people then opt for clinic or online as cheaper – particularly for meetings. 

I’m aware that we are undercharging though. In reality it takes around 1 hour extra for a school visit compared with a clinic session – I have timed it. If you add up packing the resources in the wheelie suitcase, car loading, parking, signing in,  waiting to be escorted (in secondary) , then unpacking the other end, it is only really justifiable with 3 or more clients in one school. 

Then there are those other variables – who pays when things go wrong…being asked to move rooms half way through sessions hence session halved, not being able to find a child because they’re in the playing fields, and whether parents should pay if a child is having an exam on the day you go in & non-one told you  🤯 😩. Yet still I love working in schools!