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Reply To: Annual Review: from FE to Uni

Jan Baerselman

I would suggest, as a general principle, that everyone at the annual review agrees targets together. In AR reports I no longer write final targets (contentious point – possibly – but no one has questioned this in 10 years and my rationale is that it’s in the best interests of the child – HCPC standards). Instead I write ‘Suggested target areas – to be agreed at annual review’. Parents & staff often come up with really important things for the family that I’d never have thought of. Booking a hair appointment by phone & improving successful communication with grandparents via Zoom being two recent memorable ones. The AR is the one time that everyone from all disciplines, including the family, who know the child best, come together with all their different knowledge & perspectives. And at this age, the child should be in attendance too. 
Even better, although maybe not an option, ask to change the date of the annual review to one that you CAN do; if SLCN is the main area of need – in my view it’s the one key information gathering, sharing & planning session of the year that SLTs absolutely need to be at.