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Reply To: Symbols in mainstream school settings

Rachel Barton

I totally agree, I am a widgitonline fanatic too. I work in a school and encouraged them to get a subscription and have been bowled over by the resources they produce on a daily basis to support the children. Today I worked with a TA who had used it rewrite the current class story into simpler language using the document part which adds symbols above each word as you type. She had made colourful semantics resources to help the child structure his writing, a visual timetable for the day and a steps visual to help him start the task. Another teacher has used the mind map part to make individualised strategy checklists for children to build their self advocacy skills and the Foundation stage now have aided language boards throughout the setting. The impact of these and outcomes for the children are really impressive. I think it’s because it’s so user friendly that resources are more likely to get made and kids make progress as a result.