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Reply To: Symbols in mainstream school settings

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Gillian Hazell

My only comment is that you need to think about the needs of the child.  There is no one system that fit all!  

Boardmaker 7 isn’t as straightforward as Boardmaker 6, but has lots of resources and there are clear symbols with either people or stick figures.  There are also high contract symbols in Boardmaker.  Widgit symbol tend to be busier and more abstract and sometimes the key element of the symbol is the smallest.  There are some VI symbols which are designed to be clearer.  Both have online subscription services. 

I would think carefully about the communication needs of the children and talk to both Widgit and Boardmaker.  I’m sure they would both be more than happy to do a demo for you  (possibly in person but certainly remotely) and explain how the online versions work.  If you have the SENCO front he school, involved in this too the school are more likely to use any symbol resources you put into place and will use it themselves for curriculum resources.

I hope this helps and good luck!!