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Reply To: Advice for twin mother

Rachel Barton

Hi Charmaine,
I agree with my colleagues and would also add that once you have been able to work with each child separately it might be helpful to then work with them together again. I have worked in this way before; doing VERVE with each twin and then together. We found that whilst the parents were able to use the strategies with each child separately there were different dynamics that came into play when they came back together as a family. The family found this to be a barrier as most of their time was spent together rather than apart and they wanted to feel that they were meeting their children’s language needs across the day. It was really helpful to see how each child’s personality and language skills differed and resulted in their language needs being more or less met when together. The Mum also spent a lot of time alone with the two children and wanted to feel confident in these situations. I don’t think it’s a bad thing for a parent to see us having some difficulty working with little ones and things not always going to plan. Probably more empowering for them than seeing us glide into their house in complete control, so maybe your first session not going great might have reassured the parents. I used to run and parent and child groups for 2 year olds in children and family centres and the motto that helped me the most was ’embrace the chaos’! It is such a great age to work with 🙂
Good luck!