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Reply To: help/advice for a child in bucks

Kathy Clark

Hi Mairead and Rosemary,
Thanks for you r thoughts. I’ll check out the website re APD – thank you.
Yes, it’s strange, his ability to sequence speech sounds, and to produce complex clusters (e.g. scr) was ok in conversation. But the rate was reduced and he occasionally prolonged sounds e.g. “tu….mmy”, “ber..lue” (blue). I did an oromotor assessment and noted jaw sliding, difficulty with tongue/jaw dissociation, tongue protrusion, also reduced lip rounding. Possibly lip spreading to provide compensatory jaw support?? His DDK task (ptk..ptk..ptk) was really poor. Looked dyspraxic: effortful, groping movements. Although I wondered if it was also that he had difficulty remembering the sound sequence. Wondering in retrospect if his intonation/rhythm may have been unusual – so this might signal dyspraxic type speech too. I think he is a careful character and puts an awful lot of effort in to achieving clear speech at the cost of his language processing/speech rate etc. Like stammering in that there are too many demands on the system?? But have a feeling the demands are motor speech and processing/language based.
His other skills are reported to be fine – gross and fine motor. He is academically able and a good reader.