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Reply To: help/advice for a child in bucks

Laura Newman

Hi Kathy,  I am working with an excellent Educational Psychologist who describes a child with this kind of presentation as a long term memory thinker. This is partly what can be affecting the communication pattern you describe.

In addition, when there is any heightened or chronic alarm in the system, it will affect executive functioning, including processing and memory. Alarm can be present even if a child does not show this as frustration, and from what you are describing, there may be some reasons for him to have a more activated alarm system. In addition, he is still in year one so his integrated functioning (emotional development) would still be immature.  If this is the case, then his teachers will need to make the necessary accommodations to support his learning, and parents to use a conversational style at home that supports his emotional well-being.  

I would be happy to have a chat with parents if you think it might help them to consider this aspect. I offer online parent consultations from my base in Devon.   My website for contacting : http://www.leadapproach.com