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Reply To: Local authority assurance monitoring visit

Lucy Darby

Hi Laura yes I’ve had the same email and I’m fuming, surely we are suppliers and not ‘alternative providers’?? None of the policy docs they’ve requested seem applicable- no I don’t have an anti-bullying policy what on earth would it say?! I don’t remember ever being told that I have to have such things in place in order to do contract work for HCC and I’m certainly not interested in generating extra unpaid work for myself by creating documents that don’t apply. If they do actually send someone round to inspect I’m just going to show them what I do have and how my practice adheres to HCPC standards. If it’s not good enough then I guess they’ll have to explain to the SEN department why they’re not allowed to contract my services in a time when there are not enough therapists to go round!!! ***sorry big rant*** :’)