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Reply To: High Tech AAC training – working with young autistic children?

Bryony Rust

Really glad we’re talking more about this in the UK. I’m also aiming to develop my practice in this area, with the young kids I work with. Like Polly, I’ve completed the Authentic AAC course; content-heavy… Definitely a useful starting point. I’d like more practical guidance on which app and which AAC system to work with. I’ve tried TD Snap and Grid (but I don’t think Smartbox software is Mac-friendly), maybe should attempt Proloquo?

I can see there being a lot of benefits to digital AAC, which I don’t feel I’ve tapped into sufficiently. For some kids, they seem amazed and motivated by getting the immediate auditory feedback, which paper-based AAC doesn’t provide. And, in many ways digital AAC seems a lower barrier to entry than the enormous amounts of printing and laminating required to provide a robust AAC system for a child, particularly at initial trial stage. I’ve also worked with a child who loved to explore and repeat particular words over and over on his device when he was by himself, giving him a level of repeated input modelling that no human possibly could!

Does anyone have thoughts on using the PODD system on a digital device? I haven’t attended PODD training, but it feels like the potential next step.

Thanks so much for the link, Lauren; will check it out.

I also like this short clip from The AAC Coach for parents: https://youtu.be/OZ9_gxgEkMs