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Reply To: Employing SLTs vs Subcontracting

Louise Kemp

Hi Beth, I was in your situation a year ago and started toying with the idea of employing my previous NHS colleague (and friend) as I wanted to grow a team to provide peer supervision and a fall back for the children I work with if something happened to me. My friend was working in the NHS and was drowning in children, feeling like she wasn’t making a difference and considering a career change so I decided this was my opportunity to employ. I would be happy to chat with you about this. I didn’t have the issue with recruitment, but I’ve had to embark on a journey of payroll, insurance and pensions among other things. It’s been 7 months since she joined and it’s going brilliantly.
It was really interesting to read Ruth’s comments above as I know a school Mum who is a nursery teacher and has worked in an SSC for children with ASD for years. It’s a long distance from where she lives and I have been discussing the idea of employing her as a specialist teacher to work with our ASD caseload. I’m sure it would work well as she has far more experience and expertise around sleep, medication, eating, toileting and behaviour than I do. It was encouraging to hear Ruth talk about ‘thinking outside of the box’! We’ll see!

Please feel free to contact me at louise@horshamtalktime.co.uk if you’d like to discuss further.

Best of luck!