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Reply To: Think, Talk, Laugh

Catherine Bremner

Oops the photo files were too big! This is what each session includes with an example:
Organisation of thoughts and language:
-categories (tennis, football and swimming are all)
– exclusions (name a food that is not sweet)
-which word doesn’t belong (jump run fun skip)
-synonyms (match word to definition)

Word retrieval 
-what? (What slithers?)
-who? (Who puts out fires?)
-word function (name two things you can do with crayons)

Rapid Naming (sheets are provided for these)

In the later sessions the activities increase in difficulty, so includes things like word pairs (heads or…?), why? (Why do we have to cut the grass?) How? (How do you know if it’s rush hour?) Name as many…. As you can and synonyms for words like saunter, transparent etc. 
Hope this gives you an idea about what it’s all about!